Hot floral inspo

12 - 09 - 2022

There’s so much to love about florals and lets just say, it isn’t easy to pick just one aesthetic that is calling your name.

If you’re looking for some hot floral inspiration, look no further! We’ve compiled a list of the best elements that are ready to bring your celebration to the next level.


Go high or go home

You’ve heard the saying “go hard or go home”, but this time, we’re going high. Think towering high floral designs bursting with blooms and foliage, perfectly framing a doorway, pillar, or two lovers as they say ‘I do’. There is no limit to what you can create with height, and we’re obsessing over freestanding designs that make a statement in any space. Whether your aesthetic is whimsical garden party, or Georgian architecture, billowing height is bound to wow your guests.


Befriend the foliage

We know it’s hard to bid farewell to those bold blooms, but have you ever considered what vision you can create with some rambling foliage? Foliage designs are all the rage at the moment, allowing your venue to speak for itself with accents of earthy greenery to make jaws drop, all the while being cost effective with maximum impact. Hello grand displays of foliage!

If you’re wanting the best of both worlds, consider the greenery as a base, and subtle touches of flowers as your icing – have you ever seen anything sweeter?


Garden party

The Garden party. Bright and airy, with a touch of playfulness through patterns and shapes. This look can be paired back with a hint of sophistication, or allow its wild, overgrown side to shine. What makes this so special is its combination of soft, dancey florals, mixed with rambling foliage and earthy elements, allowing it to take centerstage no matter the location. Allow your tablescapes to be brimming with unkempt vaseless designs and unique Ikebana bowls, adding to the whimsical feel of the occasion, and use foliage to create depth and texture. For Spring and Summer festivities, this should absolutely be on your radar!


Bold and playful

If soft and airy isn’t quite your cup of tea, there’s always bright and bodacious! It would be amiss to talk about hot floral inspiration and not mention the breathtaking blues that are taking over the scene. Envision deep cobalt blues, sapphire shades, and baby blues, contrasted against neutral oat milk tones, soft browns and peach to create a playful palette that intrigues guests – florals have never looked so good! Throw a pop of lemon throughout your display for contrast, whether it be in a ceremony backdrop, trailing bar arrangement, or hanging installation, and you’ve got yourself some dreamy hues. 


If you’re looking for more trendsetting inspiration for your next floral experience, check us out on Instagram or get in touch with the team!